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Giving Back- First Book (Every Child Deserves a Book)

As our business grows, we have loved supporting librarians with our shirts and wearables. Giving back to our community of readers and makers is something that we believe all businesses should do. So, we are proud to announce that we will be partnering with First Book to provide books to children in need of new books. 

The Story of First Book from First Book on Vimeo.


When I grew up I was lucky, really lucky. My parents shuttled me back and forth to the library, bought me new books at the bookstore, and they urged to me read as much as I wanted - which was basically all the time. I want to provide experiences like this for every child. 

Our newest design for kids "Take Me Out to the Library" will be our first shirt where all profits will be given annually to First Book.  


Our hope is that in the future we can give back more, and support makers and makerspaces through a non-profit, but for now we are focusing on reading. 


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