Brand Representative Search for Summer Season

Keen Bee Studio is excited to be accepting applications for Brand Ambassadors to help represent and grow our brand! We are looking for inspiring women who are positive, upbeat and who are currently elementary teachers, runners, and librarians.

As an Keen Bee Studio Brand Rep you will earn free products and discounts, in exchange for helping spread the word about Keen Bee Studio via social media (Instagram, Youtube, Blogging, etc). Fill out the application below to be considered.


  • Add products to your Keen Bee Studio wish list and receive a package of 1-2 free items each month for the summer season.
  • Receive 20% off every time you shop for yourself (or your kids/significant other) during your term as an ambassador.
  • 10% off friends and family discount to share with friends, family and followers.
  • Be featured on our website and social media.


  • Must have an active social presence on at least one of the following channels: Instagram, YouTube, or a personal blog. Facebook Fan Page and Twitter page may also be also considered.
  • Social pages must not be private.
  • You must have a strong following on your social media channels. While we will sometimes make exceptions for someone with great potential, generally, we are looking for the following audience minimums. (We will consider the minimum for whichever channels you are applying for. Example: if you are applying and check off IG, then we will look for the IG minimums. The blogger and YouTube minimums wouldn’t apply.):
    • For Instagram, a minimum of 1000 followers
    • For YouTube, a minimum of 1000 subscribers
    • For bloggers, a minimum of 1500 unique monthly visitors
    • Your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter presence will be considered in conjunction with at least one other platform above (not as standalone)


The current application period is for consideration as a Brand Rep for the term beginning June 2019 and ending October 2019.

As an Brand Rep you get a four month term to represent the Keen Bee Studio Brand. After the four month term we will reopen applications to accept new Brand Reps.


  • Create brand-related content featuring gifted merchandise and purchases from Keen Bee Studio at least 1-2 times a week (more if you want). Can be photos, videos, blog posts/mentions etc. Must be tag @keenbeestudiotx and/or include links to our site/social media.
  • Engage with us on social media regularly (like, comment, share posts of interest to your followers, etc)
  • You must take clear, quality pictures and agree to the use of your photos across our social media, website and other advertising purposes.
  • Your social media must remain public during your term as a Brand Rep.
  • You agree not to abuse your discount on purchases (eg selling or giving your personal discount code to others, buying items at discount with the intent to resell etc).
  • We reserve the right to terminate the agreement without notice if the brand rep does not adhere to all the rules stated above.

Wanna see incredible brand repping in action? Meet our cast of awesome ladies:

     Kristin @coffeeteachmomrepeat

     Jessica @mrspopeslibrary

Start by filling out our Summer Application (Entries Due May 10, 2019):


We'll contact our Summer Brand Reps on May 18, 2019 and make an announcement on Instagram @keenbeestudiotx